Building the Digital Marketing of the Future

In the increasingly global digital marketing world, agencies will need to adapt in order to succeed on a worldwide level. In the world of online marketing things move fast.

How fast?

Less than two years ago on Search Engine Watch Uri Bar-Joseph offered up a list of seven things that search marketing agencies would have to consider to ensure future success. Bar-Joseph’s list started with integrating services, being multi-device and SoLoMo-friendly, and offering clients a software solution. He explained the need to use both left- and right-brain thinking, to act like a marketer in dealing with clients, and to make content creation a core competency.

In all of these he was right on the money. But now, in April 2015, his list of seven is no longer a guide to how future agencies will evolve. Today Bar-Joseph’s list is the bare minimum one should expect from any marketing agency seeking to present competence online. Leading agencies are going to have to be willing to take five further steps into the future to be competitive and offer real value for clients.

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